Chatamilu School Project

Volunteer labour built the school.   Here they are erecting the walls with  bricks made by local youth.   The women of the community fed the workers.   In July, 2008,  a permanent 12 room elementary school was completed serving 400 girls and boys,  kindergarten through grade eight.                                                                                                             .

 In 2008 workmen dug an 80 foot deep well to bring fresh,  clean water to the school and to the surrounding community.   Here,  boys pump water and ferry it to the storage tank.  That water was used for cleaning.   Girls carry fresh water Kenya style to their homes after school.

Contact Information

To make a donation to the Chatamilu Scholarship Fund,  please make your cheque payable to Vancouver Monthly Meeting [Quakers],   Earmark it Scholarships and mail it to
Shirley  Buchan
103- 8644 French Street
Vancouver, B.C.  V6P 4W6

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