Chatamilu Projects

Chatamilu Projects 

A successful partnership with an African village

Building the school

Building the school, it's final stage, July 5, 2008.


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To hire the band,  Part & Parcel,  for your event contact Shirley Buchan at 604 669 5288

To hear a sample of our songs go to and listen to "Sylvie,"  track 15

A portion pf the proceeds from our gigs goes to the Chatamilu Scholarship fund..





The Fundraising Band: Part and Parcel

Guitar player, bass, baritone


Vocal harmonies

Norma, Ruth, Shirley, Elisabeth

Shirley Buchan

About Us

We are members of the Vancouver Quaker Meeting. In 2004 we became involved with the Chatamilu Community in Western Kenya when one of our members, Samson Nashon, came to us with a request to assist his community of origin. We enlisted the help of our friends within and outside the Meeting and began fund raising for various projects in Samson's community.

 Our goal is to help the people of Chatamilu to escape from lives of poverty and hopelessness and to connect with others who are as passionate about this cause as we are.


Our Work   

In 2004, the Chatamilu Community in Western Kenya began building a primary school using local materials and volunteer labour. In July 2008, there was a joyful celebration marking the grand opening of the school. Everyone in the community is proud of their mammoth accomplishment...a twelve room permanent brick school, a well eighty feet deep, a pump and a water storage tank, bringing fresh, clean water to the community.


 Water-well tested by Shirley and Evans

A hopeful future is built one child at a time

Four hundred happy, eager, motivated children are enrolled in this beautiful, well loved new school. The children sing, dance, study and work hard to achieve their goals.

This community is well respected in the countryside and indeed in all of Kenya for what they have been able to achieve by working together. They have risen to the challenges and there are still hurdles on the road ahead. Poverty is a major challenge and deeply felt. There are many pathways out of poverty. Secondary school education for the very brightest students, Kenya's future leaders, is one. Training in trades for students who are not in that elite category is another. Small projects offering the promise of self sufficiency is a third. These are doable with the help of partnerships like the one that created the miracle of Chatamilu Primary School.


Shirley met Thomas in 2008 and sponsored him for two years. Now,  in 2013, Thomas is enrolled in university.

Dancers at the 2008 celebration of the school opening.

Part of the collective of 35 women supporting each other and 50 orphans.


The Vancouver Quaker Meeting set up a scholarship fund in 2007 while the school was still under construction. The meeting is supporting fifteen students who would otherwise be unable to accept the positions they have earned in secondary schools. Every year, bright students graduating from grade eight in Chatamilu Primary School need assistance. In a community where the average income is $1 per adult per day, it is unlikely the community will find the resources to send their children to secondary school.

Donations to the scholarship fund are always welcome. You can be assured that all the funds we raise for this cause go directly to assist vulnerable students. We have no paid staff and no overhead expenses. Samson Nashon, the member of Vancouver Quaker Meeting who inspired these projects, travels frequently to Kenya on UBC business and visits his home community when he is there. None of the funds raised have ever been used by anyone for travel expenses.



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