Chatamilu Projects

The Chatamilu Women and Orphan's Livestock Project

When Shirley Buchan and Beth Lebaron visited the community for the school opening in July 2008, five women, representing thirty five women, many of them widows, came to talk with the Canadian visitors about the needs of their community. These women collectively support fifty orphans. None of us imagined how successful the livestock project, discussed that night, would be. In January 2013, thirty one of the thirty five women have a cow or a heifer calf. The next four heifer calves will be passed on to the remaining four women. The women have made a commitment to give 15 % of the milk produced to families in need. This project is now self sustaining.

 Scholarship projects

In September 2012, a fund was setup to enable high school graduates to attend Post Secondary programs. This grew out of an initiative of one of the members of Vancouver Quaker Meeting who spent a year "Busking for Kenya". The busking funds were matched by a generous supporter with the result that two students, a boy and a girl, are now enrolled in university and a boy in a two year teacher training program. One of our members is sponsoring another girl in second year of Teachers College.

The Vancouver Meeting continues to support 15 students in high school in 2013.


School Lunches

In 2011 during severe drought conditions, school lunches were provided for 3 months for 1100 children in two in schools. When the rains came and crops where harvested, the parents took over the responsibility of providing school lunches.


This woman and her cow are part of the Women's Livestock project.   She is supporting a child in high school by providing milk to the school.

 Chatamilu school children having lunch

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. Thank you to every one of you who contributed to the success of this amazing undertaking that has brought so much hope and joy to the people of the Chatamilu Community.

If you would like to make a donation to Chatamilu Projects please go to picture gallery or contact Shirley Buchan at 604-669-5288 e-mail:                                                      

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